About Carmay-Hanadiv

Carmay-Hanadiv, your opportunity to realize a dream.

Carmay-Hanadiv is a new neighborhood between Kfar Warburg and Beer Tuvia, combining a prestigious community, a high standard of housing and close to the center of Israel. This is your opportunity to give your family the best: an excellent education, quality of life and a green and young environment. The promoters of the project are veterans in the field.

The vision of the Baron de Rothschild!

The year was 1887. Baron de Rothschild was occupied in redeeming lands in the Land of Israel. One of those plots of land which caught his eye is the one situated at present between Kfar Warburg and Beer Tuvia. The philanthropic Baron had already identified the high potential of the site and redeemed the exceptional land with the aspiration that Jews would build their homes with the objective that the place would develop and thrive. Over the years this area of land became green and blossomed. In 2015, on those same lands in the heart of Israel, the dream is realized and a prestigious project is being constructed “Carmay-Hanadiv”.

Come and realize your dream!

You want to feel the rhythm of life and at the end of the busy day return to your home peacefully. “Carmay-Hanadiv”, the green neighbourhood in the heart of Israel is situated on private land, a short distance from the centres of towns, adjacent to Route 6 and about 15 minutes from the sea. Less than 40 minutes from Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Petach Tikva, with fast access roads.
Come and realize your dream!

A community that is a home.

Carmay-Hanadiv is a neighbourhood designed for a good and prestigious population enabling a social community life, with your community values and culture and to know that this is your home.